Sound and FX in the Metaverse

While most people think about the Metaverse as being a media that  involves visual art, there is an often overlooked area that can greatly enhance a metaverse project. Currently most apps and games have a pumping soundtrack and sword slashing game play. The ability to use 3D spatial audio effects to provide an exciting user experience has just started to be implemented.  Current projects are just scraping the surface of what can be done to provide a fun and exciting audio experience for the user. 

This project will demonstrate that I can produce high quality sound effects to greatly enhance the user experience. I was provided the virtual “set” and instructed to add a static background music as well as a 3D spatial surround sound effect. I placed the effect on a pot boiling on the stove. As you move closer you can hear the bubbling. I also added an Easter egg… if  you put your ear by the door, you can hear ambient sounds in the next room. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Screenshot of development environment

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