Markerless AR

Markerless Augmented Reality Development Environment

This type of augmented reality technology is called markerless AR.  Using this technique you do not need to program an image Target to project your metaverse scene into the real world.   Instead the AR engine is analyzing the environment and detecting a ground plane. When the ground plane is detected the reticule will align and you may then project a 3D object or environment that will stay locked in at those exact coordinates.

 Try it out with this Police Car projection app that I made. Make sure you go outside with a large area. A parking lot would be great because the police car is life size. When you project the car into the environment you can then walk around and see the police car from all sides… it’s really exciting technology. I pranked my friend by sending this photo of a police car outside her house.


The helicopter model displays an example of mid-air markerless projection. A hovering helicopter will be projected at the exact coordinates in 3D space. In a large enough area you can walk around and see all sides – even underneath.

The final markerless AR project projects a giant cake onto the surface after a ground plane is detected.

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