Banner and Slider Administration Control Panel

Due to my years of experience designing custom content management systems, I have been tasked with creating a plug in to the CMS at Skagit Valley College that will allow staff to administer their respective home page image sliders via a web based admin control panel. Features include list of slides, ability to upload new slides, delete slides, arrange the sequence of the slides, and control the display of the slides. The slides are live at

The users will also have the ability to administer home page banners. Features include list of banners, ability to upload new banners, assign banner to homepage, delete banners.

The purpose of this project is to reduce webmaster workload by allowing staff to admin their respective home page sliders and banners. I will be taking on the role of Senior Developer for this project, and will perform the duties of all roles including : Information Architect,  User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer, Web Application Developer, SQL Database Administration.

I begin with the I/A documentation, the key to every successful project. After creating the Creative Brief, and clearly stating the objectives, purpose, target audience and timeline for the project, I then create the Flowcharts, Wireframes and User Stories.

With all the proper documentation in place, I have a clear project scope and will begin the design, develop and deployment by using my project management cloud.

From the screenshot you can see the hand written notes from meeting with the client, and the task lists that I created for the project. Each task list is filled with the tasks that I need to get done, and notes about each topic. It really helps keep me on track and manage the progress for the project.

I am going to develop an object oriented api for this project, with the application programming interface expressed in javascript and vbscript.

The api to handle the upload of slides will be interesting, since there isn’t a build in method for capturing the form upload data. We are using a third party library to handle the upload, and I haven’t even seen it yet.

I have  the list of slides layout in a table, since its the perfect use of tablular data. The list is generated dynamically and injected into the dom via a call to the api. This has the effect of negating my events that I place on the image to have a mouseover thumbnail preview. I  need to use the doc delegate that I deved into in a previous article.

Im going to delegate the event to my slides layout table, and then apply it to any td element with the class of “previewzone”. So lets slap it on there and see if it works…

$("#slideslist").on("mouseover mouseout", ".previewzone", function(e){
There is now a mouseover and mouseout event on any td with the class of “previewzone”

Sweet! Now I can set up the event handler so that it displays a preview of the image on mouseover, and hides it on mouseout.

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