AR Face Filter

New recruits use facial tracking filters to take memorable “selfies”

These days most folks are familiar with facial tracking and recognition technology. It has become quite commonplace to have the camera track your face while in a zoom meeting. Who hasn’t been able to resist adding cat ears or a king’s crown to your video feed while the boss drones away during a meeting?

Image from Google’s AR face tracking technology demo.

While studying augmented reality technology I have learned to create my own AR face filter apps using Unity. These apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

I created overlay textures, animated 3D models, particles, and other effects to be displayed on the user’s face. I then made it more interactive by adding a user interface and buttons that allow the user to select, customize, and visualize different effects.

Image of a visual script
Screenshot of the clean visual script that handles the button press

To implement the functionality of the code that powers this prototype, I used Visual Scripting: Unity’s graphical programming system. This is a great way to quickly produce high quality work that has great performance on most devices.

Video demo of protype in action

Along the way, to completing this project, there were also quizzes and challenges to help solidify my skills and build my portfolio. Download the APK and try it out!

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